Powerful ERP Solutions through Project Accounting, Financial Management, and Manufacturing Software

Your projects, financials, government compliance, and manufacturing are made easier through our expert implementation of ERP software–project accounting, financial management, and/or manufacturing solutions–in the cloud or on-premise.

“Synergy really listened to us;
they got to know what our
business really needed.”
– Rebecca Harrington, VP of Finance,
Hydro Resources
“It is a pleasure
doing business with a firm
that cares.”
– Wendy Randolph, Controller,
CHR Solutions

Your work is easier when you tap our expertise in cost-effective cloud or on-premise software–project accounting, financial management, supply chain management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) through Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics SL.

With headquarters in Portland, OR, offices/consultants in Seattle, WA, California, Montana, and Idaho, and a support satellite in Central Ohio, Synergy helps you resolve your pressing issues with project/cost accounting, financial management, government compliance, indirect rate management, budgeting, revenue recognition, multi-company/currency, supply chain management, manufacturing processes, materials/inventory/warehouse management, financial reporting, executive dashboards, and more!

Cloud-based or On-premise ERP through Project Accounting, Project Management, Financial Management, and Manufacturing Solutions for your Industry


    Our expertise plus the best software integrates your system and makes your projects so much easier! We empower you to track, allocate, streamline, and see where you stand financially on each project. You improve estimates and boost profitability.
    Project Management Accounting ERP Software


    Our expertise plus the best software automates everything and makes your financials so much easier! You eliminate redundant data entry, reduce cycle times, and gain business-wide visibility. In the Cloud, you dramatically minimize IT and operating costs.


    Our expertise plus the best software helps you develop efficient processes that meet government requirements and makes compliance so much easier! We empower you to provide detailed expenses (direct, indirect, and overhead) for each contract, project, and task.