Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics SL, and Your Business
Michael Camp, December 21, 2016

Dynamics 365 and Dynamics SL

Made available on November 1, 2016, Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s next generation of business intelligence applications in the cloud. It’s a cloud-based financial management solution that is highly integrated with Microsoft CRM and Office 365 with powerful capabilities for sales and operations. Companies on Dynamics SL may be asking, “What impact does this have for Dynamics SL users?” Companies searching for a new system, should ask, “How do we know if we should consider Dynamics 365?”

First, “What impact does this have for Dynamics SL?” None! Dynamics SL continues to be Microsoft’s top solution for project-based organizations with its powerful flexibility and phenomenal project accounting capabilities, including easily handling DCAA compliance for government contractors. Microsoft will continue to release new enhancements and fixes to Dynamics SL. As stated in the product roadmap, Dynamics SL has a planned development timeline as does all of Microsoft’s on-premise product lines. A Cumulative Update (CU2) for Dynamics SL is planned for December 2016 and a new major release is planned for 2018.

Second, for companies evaluating a system upgrade, “How do you know if you should consider Dynamics 365?” The short answer is this: At this time, Dynamics 365 is not a good fit for companies that either are government contractors or that have complex project accounting. However, for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) without those characteristics, the Business Edition of Dynamics 365 could be a great option (The Enterprise edition of Dynamics 365 is designed for large, enterprise level companies). Those SMB companies should consider Dynamics 365 if they desire the benefits of the cloud and if their core need is merely more robust financials that integrate with sales and operations. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Business Edition does have some light project functionality. It could be an option for those who only need a single level task structure with no allocation capabilities.

Will Dynamics 365 ever be a good fit for project-based companies and government contractors? Microsoft and a 3rd party vendor named Progressus is working on developing Dynamics 365 to ultimately compete with the powerful flexibility and functionality of Dynamics SL. It is unknown when that time will come. When it does, Synergy Business Solutions will help companies evaluate whether a cloud or on-premise solution is the right fit for their project-centric organization.

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