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How to Automate the Distribution of Dynamics SL Forms and Reports

Synergy is very excited to showcase the Liaison Messenger EDD software—the solution for automated report distribution. Messenger EDD is a unique Electronic Document Delivery product. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I currently have to print Dynamics SL (DSL) items (Draft Invoices, Final Invoices, Purchase, Orders, Statements) to a PDF and then manually email them to others?
  • Do I have to print things to PDF and then group them with other documents before they can be sent out?
  • Do I have to print and send out multiple copies of the same document?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to see it at work!

I want to share with you a specific example of how the Messenger EDD module has made life here at
Synergy even better. We have a process of printing all of our draft invoices to paper and then sorting them by Project Manager, scanning the images into a PDF group, and then forwarding the PDF’s to our PM’s in our various offices. This is time consuming but necessary.

With Messenger EDD we literally “Press the Print Button” and the draft is printed to a PDF and automatically sent to the Project Manager AND a copy is sent to the Account Manager AND a hard copy is printed for the Accounting Office AND a copy is saved to a Drafts Folder!

ONE CLICK and BOOM! No more printing, sorting, scanning, emailing! Life is Good!

Messenger EDD works with ANY (including custom) Crystal Reports, SSRS Reports, and more! Read the Liaison Messenger EDD Brochure to see more of the features and functionality.

To order this product, contact Cindy Smith (503-601-4076 – or Teresa
Johnson (503-601-4085 –

CRIME – How Your Software Can Help Your Internal Control Process

internal_controlsYour organization’s system of internal control encompasses all of the electronic and manual processes you use to ensure accurate reporting of your financial affairs. Processes like bank reconciliations, manager approval of purchase orders, owner review of vendor payables, supervisor approval of time cards, etc. Having processes that ensure good internal controls significantly decreases the chance of crime in an organization.

In this article, we’ll highlight a couple of features in your accounting software that are tasks included in a good internal control process. But first, let’s look at how the word CRIME is an acronym for internal control components…

Read full article in PDF: Internal Control in Dynamics SL