web based business portal for Dynamics SL

“Now we can extract the meaningful information we need to make informed business decisions.”
– Marcy McCoy, Controller,
MacKay and Sposito
“Our managers are able
to make better, faster
decisions each day.”
– Brian Allen, CEO,
ATS Automation

Web-based Business Portal Software – Dynamics SL

bpRemove barriers by extending the reach of information, applications, and processes with Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Business Portal. Increase the speed of your business transactions by taking your accounting, project management, and distribution to the Web. Business Portal software provides role-based access to Dynamics SL applications and information through a personalized Web portal solution.

You’ll empower your employees to complete common tasks more efficiently and reduce the stream of requests for custom reports and simple business facts. By extending key information to customers and suppliers, you’ll be able to capitalize on business opportunities in real-time. Even better, you can control IT costs with browser-based implementation and maintenance for applications.

Information is centralized and easily accessible, helping eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and facilitate informed, flexible reporting. With instant access to accurate, up-to-date financial information, you have the ability to capture any level of financial data, when and how you need it. Vast options for customization let you adapt your solution to meet the most exacting business needs.

Web-based Business Portal Software Solution Components

Business Portal – Unlock business potential and enhance productivity by providing user-specific access to information and processes from a single Web-based portal. Business Portal will take the hassle (and expense) out of common tasks, reduce information support costs, and help deliver at-a-glance access to key performance indicators.

Key Performance Indicators – Executives and decision makers need at-a-glance access to key business metrics so they can quickly assess the health of the business and take command when conditions change. With Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Business Portal, companies can define and help deliver instant access to personalized view of key business information via a Web-based portal. Profitability, debt-to-equity, and gross margin are just a few of the KPIs you can create.

Application Server – Application Server allows you to off-load the execution of Dynamics SL CPU-intensive tasks—such as the printing of reports and execution of processes—to other machines on your network. This enables you to control where Microsoft Solomon processes execute, whether centralized on the database server, on separate application servers distributed throughout the network, over a WAN, or over the Internet.

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