Case Studies – Microsoft Dynamics SL


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Project-driven Organization

Synergy and Microsoft Dynamic SL Enable Manageable Growth for The Production Network (TPN)

Case study on how TPN developed streamlined financial management processes, through utilizing Synergy’s project accounting expertise and implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Project-driven Organization

Make-to-order Boat Manufacturer Increases Productivity, Efficiency, and Output with Dynamics SL

SafeBoats International implemented Dynamics SL to integrate their financial, project accounting, and materials management data and gain ability to handle large government contracts.

Project-driven Organization

Through Dynamics SL, Avidex Gains Access to Real-time Financial Data that Drives Project Profitability

A case study on how Microsoft Dynamics SL integrated project accounting software enables Avidex to grow and make confident business decisions through new reporting and analytics capabilities on real-time data.

Project-driven Organization

Consulting Firm Improves Profitability by Aligning Project Management with Accounting

A success story on how Microsoft Dynamics SL empowers MacKay and Sposito project managers. Now they exert precise control over time and billing and track resource utilization at a detailed level to optimize profitability and cash flow. Download

Project-driven Organization

Electrical Engineering Firm Improves Cash Flow, Data Access, and Client Services with Dynamics SL

Synergy helped Gillespie, Prudhon, and Associates (GP&A) adopt Dynamics SL project accounting and financials and business portal. Invoices are now sent earlier, clients receive comprehensive accounting information, and GP&A analyzes projects more efficiently. Download

Project-driven Organization

HVAC Contractor integrates Operational Systems, Opens Up Information Access

ATS Automation chose Synergy to implement Dynamics SL to automate business processes and provide web-based data access. Today, they spend fifty percent less time on routine tasks and everyone has access to up-to-date project data for making better decisions. Download

Project-driven Organization

Engineering Firm Boosts Productivity Management with Integrated System

TWP Projects in South Africa needed to integrate their financial management with their projects. Synergy and a local partner implemented Dynamics SL for TWP. Now, they have an integrated view of operations and revenue streams that maximizes project profitability. Download

Project-driven Organization

Better Project Accounting a Strategic Asset for Construction Firm

With Synergy’s expert assistance, Alpha Development switched from Sage Office Timberline to Dynamics SL. They gained the ability to more accurately track project costs and make better decisions when bidding on jobs and managing labor, materials, and equipment. Download

Nonprofit and Distribution

Nonprofit Organization Increases Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Committee for Children needed to replace their outdated system with a solution that combined distribution, reporting, budgeting, and accounting. With Dynamics SL, they are able to improve customer service, access to data, strategic decision-making, and productivity. Download


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