Client Success Story – NuScale Power | Government Contractor

 Why NuScale Power Chose Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Synergy (1:38)
 Government Contractor Solves Their Accounting System Issues (1:48)

Industry: Energy Technology

Customer Profile

NuScale Power, LLC is developing an inherently safe, modular, scalable, commercial, nuclear-power technology for use in power plants. NuScale Power technology reduces complexity, improves safety, enhances operability, and reduces risks. One of their main contract sources is the Department of Energy.

Business Situation

A start-up government contractor, NuScale Power had outgrown QuickBooks. They had no way to easily capture their costs by project and task level. Teams manually gathered information from suppliers and put data in spreadsheets. It was very time intensive and prone to error. Moreover, with new Cost Plus contracts, they had no efficient way to allocate indirect rates across projects, nor segregate unallowable expenses. They also had serious reporting limitations to meet government and other customers’ reporting requirements.


NuScale chose Microsoft Dynamics SL implemented by Synergy, after an almost year-long research, evaluation, and selection process to meet both their project accounting and government compliance needs. Known for its rich, flexible functionality in complex job/cost/project accounting and its ease in meeting DCAA and other government requirements, Dynamics SL was configured by Synergy to solve NuScale’s accounting issues. “Synergy really took the time to understand our business and create a well-tested implementation plan that met our short and long-term needs,” said Assistant Controller, Misha Goloborodko.

Dynamics SL’s Indirect Rate Calculator and Project Allocator made indirect rate management easy. Reporting to meet the requirements of the Department of Energy was now painless. “Dynamics SL was easily able to solve all of those pain points we had with government compliance,” said Julie Adelman, Controller at NuScale. Dynamics SL was simply configured using a variety of options that depended on NuScale’s needs. Once set up, tracking indirect rates, project costs, and unallowable expenses suddenly were not a problem.


Integrate financials with projects
• Accounting for project costs down to task level
Allocate costs for dozens of projects and hundreds of tasks
Manage 20 cost centers at the same time
• Streamlined indirect rate management and cost allocation to contracts
• Setup automatic segregation of unallowable expenses on contracts
• Easily meet government reporting requirements
• Data in one place to allow automatic integration to eliminate error-prone processes
• A huge time saver managing financials and projects
Reliable technical support from Synergy (“Support is fantastic!” – Julie Adelman)

Press Release

NuScale Power Teams with Synergy Business Solutions to Implement Microsoft Dynamics SL