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Foreign Currency Symbols in Dynamics SL

by Don Wachtveitl

In earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics SL, the Currency Manager module had country flags available to use as currency symbols. Starting with Version 7.0 these symbols are no longer available out of the box. However, they can be added by taking the following steps.

  • Create a new folder in the location Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsSLApplicationsCurrency.
  • Copy image files that represent each currency ID to this folder. All button images measure 16 pixels by 16 pixels so it’s best to use images already scaled to this size.
  • Make sure the image files are in bitmap (.bmp) or portable network graphics (.png) file format and the file names are not longer than three characters.
  • Ensure the file name matches the first three letters of the currency IDs.  For example: if CAD is used in DSL to designate Canadian Dollars then the image file should be named either CAD.bmp or CAD.png.

Once completed, when a data entry screen is opened, the customized button that contains your currency image will appear on the screen’s application toolbar. The Currency Manager module is one of 9-10 modules in Dynamics SL’s financial management software series.