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Top 4 Ways an ERP Software Partner Should Support You

When selecting a new ERP, financial management, and/or project accounting system, software is not the only consideration. It’s also important to choose a proven partner, that can help you with the selection process, a successful implementation and configuration, training, ongoing technical support, connecting you to a vibrant software community, and showing long-term commitment to the product.

Watch this video to learn how important this is.

Top 4 Ways You Should Get Support from an ERP Partner


How to Add On-Screen Messages to Keep Users Informed

One of the really cool features in both Dynamics SL and Intacct is that it is fairly easy to add messages to data entry screens. Visuals are very effective and if you think about it, there are many useful purposes for on-screen messages, such as:

  • Help ensure data entry is more accurate.
  • Give tips about fields or options in the open screen.
  • Inform users of a new feature, field, or function that was installed during an update.
  • Add a hyperlink to a relative resource.

To see a full article and one of our “How to” Tips & Tricks videos on the subject, click below.

Add On-Screen Messages in Dynamics SL | Add On-Screen Messages in Intacct

3 Ways Modern Accounting Systems Remove Business Obstacles

Synergy Executive Series – Article 2

Traditionally, companies are slow to react to economic changes resulting in knee jerk, untimely decisions. How they view their accounting and business systems is usually no different, waiting until the pain is too great to endure. System crashes, multiple databases busting at the seams, and bad processes all lead to poor customer service and businesses being at a competitive disadvantage. Making a change to a company’s financial management and accounting system can solve these issues. Here are three ways a new, best-in-class system (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics SL or Intacct, depending on your needs) can transform a project-based business:

1 – Eliminate Information Silos – To manage projects more profitably, you need one system of truth—one view of your projects and value chain from start to finish. This single view will enable you to make better decisions based upon unobstructed accurate observance into finances from project P&Ls to operations and logistics. Without it, each department has their own truth which hinders effective decision making. Microsoft Dynamics SL or Intacct tears down the silos.

2 – Enable Standardized Processes – The achievement of your company’s strategic objectives is reliant on how well you can align your workforce with processes that will consistently deliver on those goals. Advanced business management systems like Intacct and Dynamics SL provide a solid foundation to help ensure your processes are consistent and repeatable—based on the best practices that apply to the ways in which your organization serves your customers.

3 – Empower Team Collaboration – Mobile and remote workers are the norm these days as well as the nature of professional services projects. The ability to manage teams using role-based and Web-based collaboration tools and communication portals keeps everyone moving forward in step with the project’s objectives and the activities of each team member. This is easily done in either Intacct’s Cloud-based platform or Dynamics SL’s web-based Business Portal.

To read the whole article, download: The Value of Modern Accounting and Business Systems.