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How to Speed Up Printing ‘Flexible Billing’ Invoices

by Angela Hurd

If you use Flexible Billing for invoicing you know it can be time consuming to print your invoices the standard way. In order to accommodate custom invoice formats that may vary from one invoice to another, standard SL prints each invoice one generation at a time. Add in the Invoice Format Maintenance flexibility that is programmed into each invoice format (including format calculations and subreports), and a single invoice can take minutes to print.

How can you speed this up? There are two things you can do. First, eliminate the items you don’t need in the standard format.  Most companies do not use every section of the Flexible Invoice format. By removing these sections, you can eliminate subreports and calculations/formatting that cost time in Crystal Reports.  In one test, on a 15 gig database, I went from 36 seconds for an invoice generation to 14 seconds by removing unneeded subreports.  Multiply that by 100 invoices, thats saves almost 40 minutes!

A second option is Renown’s Advanced Invoice Print.  Most companies have a small handful, if not only one, invoice format.  With Renown’s Advanced Invoice Print, it prints all invoices selected as one report, reducing the generation time as it does not need to cycle through the ROI process with each invoice.  Add in that it does not require use of the Invoice Format layouts, but rather is a uniquely built Crystal Report, you can eliminate subreports that are often required with the BI***.rpt formats. You now have speedy invoice printing!

Renown sells this “Add on” as part of their Project Suite, which has many great additions for your Dynamics SL system.  Contact Cindy Smith for more details if you’re interested.