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Take a Tour of Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is not a replacement for Dynamics SL, especially if you are a government contractor. With its powerful project accounting and government compliance capabilities, Dynamics SL is still the most powerful out-of-the-box Microsoft solution for project-based companies. Yet smaller companies, or ones that do not have complex project accounting, will find Dynamics 365 coupled with Progressus Project Accounting to be a powerful cloud-based alternative.

Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is a multi-currency business management solution that helps small-to-medium companies manage their accounting, finances, sales, and operations. With native integration with Office 365, it delivers a powerful integrated experience with the Microsoft software you already have. Moreover, for project-based companies, Dynamics 365 provides a platform for Progressus Project Accounting, a seamless integrated enhancement that enables effective and easy project setup, budgeting, tracking, time and expense, analytics, forecasting, and resource management.

Synergy has put together a tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (9 mini demos) for your convenience in each major area, as well as one demo of Progressus‘ professional services automation and project accounting. Demos include:

  • Financial Management – Bookkeeper and Accountants’ Roles
  • Project Management – Project Manager Role and Managing Jobs
  • Project Accounting – Budgets, Tracking, T&E, Analytics, and Resource Management
  • Purchasing – Procure to Pay
  • Inventory – Manage Your Inventory
  • Sales – Sales Management and Quote to Invoice
  • Executive Oversight – Business Health, Trends, and Opportunities

Sign up for the tour and see for yourself how Dynamics 365, with or without the advanced project accounting enhancement, might fit for your company.

Take a Tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

Top 4 Ways an ERP Software Partner Should Support You

When selecting a new ERP, financial management, and/or project accounting system, software is not the only consideration. It’s also important to choose a proven partner, that can help you with the selection process, a successful implementation and configuration, training, ongoing technical support, connecting you to a vibrant software community, and showing long-term commitment to the product.

Watch this video to learn how important this is.

Top 4 Ways You Should Get Support from an ERP Partner


How to Add On-Screen Messages to Keep Users Informed

One of the really cool features in both Dynamics SL and Intacct is that it is fairly easy to add messages to data entry screens. Visuals are very effective and if you think about it, there are many useful purposes for on-screen messages, such as:

  • Help ensure data entry is more accurate.
  • Give tips about fields or options in the open screen.
  • Inform users of a new feature, field, or function that was installed during an update.
  • Add a hyperlink to a relative resource.

To see a full article and one of our “How to” Tips & Tricks videos on the subject, click below.

Add On-Screen Messages in Dynamics SL | Add On-Screen Messages in Intacct

Bring the FUN back to Accounts Payable with EFT

Electronic payments through electronic funds transfers (EFT) are being accepted and required at more and more businesses. The ease and efficiency of sending EFT payments to your vendors is a drastic improvement over printing a check, stuffing it in an envelope, digging through the desk drawer for a stamp, and getting it to the post office in time to take advantage of a discount.

Let’s not forget the fun of your bank reconciliation when checks clear the bank at the wrong amount or don’t clear at all! Using EFT payment options through your bank has made our AP Offices happy and fun places to work once again.

Recording these EFT payments in your accounting software should be simple and easy too. In this post we are going to explore the different ways you can record EFT payments in Dynamics SL. Whether you are already using EFT in your accounting software, or brand new to the process, you’ll likely benefit from the following.

Read full article in PDF: EFT in Dynamics SL

View full presentation in VIDEO: EFT in Dynamics SL

CRIME – How Your Software Can Help Your Internal Control Process

internal_controlsYour organization’s system of internal control encompasses all of the electronic and manual processes you use to ensure accurate reporting of your financial affairs. Processes like bank reconciliations, manager approval of purchase orders, owner review of vendor payables, supervisor approval of time cards, etc. Having processes that ensure good internal controls significantly decreases the chance of crime in an organization.

In this article, we’ll highlight a couple of features in your accounting software that are tasks included in a good internal control process. But first, let’s look at how the word CRIME is an acronym for internal control components…

Read full article in PDF: Internal Control in Dynamics SL

From QuickBooks to a Modern ERP System? Why ROI Matters

Entry-level accounting solutions like QuickBooks become very inefficient the larger your company grows. They have many hidden costs represented by a lack of automation, manual processes, reliance on spreadsheets, and little or no business insight, all resulting in poor productivity. When you switch to a modern, cloud-based or on-premise ERP system (such as Microsoft Dynamics SL or Dynamics 365), you leave those hidden costs behind while gaining new hidden savings. This is why calculating your return on investment (ROI) is so important when evaluating changing to a modern ERP solution. Learn how it works in this short video:

Why Your ROI Matters When Replacing QuickBooks with Cloud ERP

Finding an Accounting Software Partner that Really Delivers

It can be a real challenge, especially if you have had bad experiences in the past, to find an accounting system partner that is knowledgeable and can deliver what you need, says Mike Hansen, the IT Director at Productions Plus. Hear his thoughts on what a good software partner should do, how Synergy helps his company, and why their accounting team is happy.

How the Right Accounting Software Partner Can Make a Difference

4 Things You Need to Select the Right Accounting System

You need to find the right accounting / ERP solution for your business. Perhaps you are straining the limits of QuickBooks or another entry-level software. Maybe you are experiencing “spreadsheet hell” with a myriad of Excel documents and tabs within them.

As you start down a road to a solution that will take your company to the next level, bear in mind these 4 simple ways we at Synergy are committed to helping you, whether or not you select one of the products we implement and support or not.

Government Contractor Solves Their Top 3 Accounting-System Challenges

When NuScale Power realized their future meant getting into the federal market, they knew their existing accounting system (QuickBooks) was extremely problematic when it came to government compliance. In this interview, Controller Julie Adelman explains their top three accounting-system anxieties and how Dynamics SL easily solved them.

How to Eliminate Government Compliance Accounting-system Anxieties

Overcoming New-Accounting-System Fears

Just considering a change to your project accounting and financial management system often results in having fears and anxieties. Will we be able to find and agree on the right solution? Will our implementing partner really listen to our needs? Will we find a good solution out of the box or will we need to do a lot of customizations? Can we continue business as usual, or will we need to make major adaptations? Will we be able to do financial reporting the way we need to without the hassle?

Rebecca Harrington, VP of Finance & Corporate Controller at Hydro Resources, shares how her company overcame their fears through good software and the expertise of their new software partner.

How to Overcome New-Accounting-System Fears