Job costing and project management for construction

“Dynamics SL is the finest
project-accounting [job costing]
system on the market.”
– John Wheeler, former Controller,
Alpha Development
“We would not be as successful
as we are today without
Dynamics SL and Synergy.”
– Robin Smyth, Owner,
Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates

Construction Accounting Software

construction_image_2Microsoft Dynamics SL construction accounting software makes your work easier. It’s built for the unique needs of general and specialty contractors, whether your jobs/projects include time, material, and subcontractors, or construction management services.

Dynamics SL goes way beyond general accounting and payroll to tie together labor, equipment, billing, and project management. Accounting managers and project managers easily track project performance, forecast profitability and cash flow, and can make real-time decisions based on accurate financial data and analysis. And that’s just the beginning.

Synergy’s Construction Accounting Software Solution

  • Construction crew leaders and/or individuals submit timecards and expenses online
  • Project managers review and approve timecards and expenses online
  • Material procurement and subcontracts can be added daily and routed for approval automatically
  • Project managers see if their projects are on schedule and what materials and subcontracts are assigned, anytime; no need to wait for payroll or invoices
  • Create billing records for cost plus, time & material, fixed fee, or other types of projects
  • Analyze budget vs. actual, estimate-to-completion, and forecast-to-completion
  • Forecast profitability and cash performance
  • Advanced reporting: make decisions based on Unbilled or Actual Billed values
  • Executives and project managers analyze projects online on a real-time basis
  • Integrate with the acclaimed project management solution, Spitfire Software
  • Prove your construction accounting software solution works with your data before you purchase

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