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Field Service Management Software – Dynamics SL

fsYour business is about customers. Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Field Service software helps you maximize profits by allowing you to spend more time helping customers, not managing multiple systems for dispatch, service maintenance, and billing.

Field Service software applications support all aspects of service call processing and dispatching. For example, the Week-at-a-Glance Graphical Dispatch Board allows dispatchers to manage technician time and schedule calls more efficiently, while integration mapping software helps ensure that technicians arrive at the right location at the right time. What is the result? Increased billable time and improved customer satisfaction.

Ideal for service companies and construction firms such as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractors, Field Service Management software applications also support a full management of service contracts from quotation to renewals; equipment management, including both routine and unscheduled maintenance; and full invoicing capabilities, including contracts, time and materials, and flat rate pricing. Engineers and technicians can stay focused on responding to customers, while your business stays focused on maximizing revenue from contracts.

Field Service Management Software Components

Equipment Maintenance – Track and control every aspect of routine and unscheduled equipment maintenance.

Flat Rate Pricing – Take full control over every flat rate in your organization and inspire more customer confidence in your organization. Stop purchasing expensive flat-rate books from an outside publisher and enable your technicians to give on-the-spot printed price quotes on specific services from your pricing catalog.

Service Contracts – Manage your service agreements more effectively and maximize revenue for every contract. Before a technician is dispatched to a site, the customer service representative will be alerted to any active contracts that exist.

Service Dispatch – Track and manage every detail of your service organization. Efficiently manage your field technicians, clarify information about technicians’ profitability, and accurately track customer information, including account status and equipment and service history.

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