Financial Management Software

“Synergy helped us streamline our accounting when our company could not afford to hire more staff.”
– Kevin Sullivan, VP / Controller,
“The solution Synergy
implemented makes us more
effective and efficient.”
– Alton Cherry, President,
Hydro Resources

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Financial Management Software – Dynamics SL

ph-glasses-on-chartsMicrosoft Dynamics SL software provides superior financial management, information, and analysis for your entire organization. The Financial Management software Series provides seamless connectivity across your Microsoft solution, an integrated accounting system, including integration with project management, project-based accounting, distribution, and other business processes.

Information is centralized and easily accessible, helping eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and facilitate informed, flexible reporting. With instant access to accurate, up-to-date financial information, you have the ability to capture any level of financial data, when you need it and how you need it. Vast options for customization let you adapt your financial management software solution to meet the most exacting business needs.

Financial Management Software Modules

General Ledger – Set the stage for productivity by creating your own chart of accounts and tailoring posting and closings to suit your situaion.

Accounts Receivable – Maintain customer accounts and track receivables with time-saving features that help enhance your bottom line.

Accounts Payable – Efficiently process vendor payments and save money by leveraging discounts and automating routine tasks.

Payroll/Direct Deposit – Tailor payroll and deduction processes to fit your workforce for accurate, timely payments and tax records.

Advanced Payroll – Efficiently manage union payroll calculations, accommodate flexible compensation, and meet more challenging reporting requirements.

Cash Manager – Effectively manage cash flow with automated reconciliation between bank statements, balances, and general ledger accounts.

Currency Manager – Seamlessly convert currency and track exchange gains or losses on business transactions that cross national borders.

Financial Statement Translation – Enhance management insight with time-saving tools for calculating and reporting multi-currency financial information.

Multi-Company – Boost insight into operations and results by organizing, summarizing, and presenting data in clear, compelling formats.

Management Reporter – Design, distribute, and view flexible financial reports. Drive your decisions from an interactive report viewing experience that drills directly into the Dynamics SL data.

Forecaster – Meet business objectives and gain competitive advantage with budgeting and planning capabilities that allow you to quickly and effectively respond to changing business needs.

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