Software that easily handles indirect rates  management on cost plus contracts

“Without Dynamics SL
and Synergy, we would be struggling with government
compliance. They make it
so much easier!”
– Former VP / Controller,
Government Contractor
“With Dynamics SL, we’re now capable of meeting the proper accounting and reporting requirements of the
Department of Energy…”
– Julie Adelman, Controller,
NuScale Power

Government Compliance Made Easier:
DCAA / Government Contract Cost Accounting

Overview | Government Requirements | System Requirements | How Synergy and SL Help

woman_gc_sqGovernment contractors who do business with the Department of Defense or other government customers face an enormous challenge: you must provide detailed cost information (direct, indirect, and overhead expenses) for each contract, project, and task in order to remain compliant to government requirements and/or the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). A solid government contract cost accounting software solution is essential.

In addition, because the majority of your business is on a project basis, you need the capability of tightly integrating project management and financial accounting.

This is why you need a more robust accounting system than most businesses. And why Synergy’s on-premise or hosted solution, Microsoft Dynamics SL, fits like a glove.

Synergy’s Government Contract Cost Accounting Solution

  • Build, manage and monitor indirect cost rates
  • Allocate costs across multiple cost objectives such as overhead pools and contracts
  • Manage direct and indirect time under cost reimbursement contracts
  • Perform billing under fixed price and cost plus fee contracts
  • Manage time and expense collection in accordance with DCAA regulations
  • Monitor and alert government officer of contract status
  • Generate government invoices on approved government forms
  • Build a traceable document system to drill down from your original purchase requisition through to associated invoices
  • Integrate your Government Contract Cost Accounting solution with software your employees already use to increase productivity

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