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“The financial and project integration has helped us increase productivity, efficiency, and output.”
– Ryan Penrose, former IT Manager,
SAFE Boats International
“Dynamics SL is the finest
cost-accounting [project]
system on the market.”
– John Wheeler, former Controller,
Alpha Development

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Job Cost Accounting Software – Dynamics SL/365

pmaWhether your jobs or contracts (projects) are simple or complex, Synergy’s integrated job cost accounting software, whether on-premise or Cloud-based, enables you to manage them with ease.

First, your job management is fully integrated with your accounting modules. Then you quickly set up new jobs to fit the way you do business, gain control over revenue and expenses, allocate costs with a spectrum of labor rates, and set up multiple billing methods.

Synergy’s job cost accounting software gives you clear visibility into all aspects of your jobs’ budgets—details, revisions, change orders, and actuals. You easily track your budgeting process and can fine-tune future bids to improve estimating. And that’s only the beginning. See other ways it can make you more efficient:

Synergy’s Job Cost Accounting Software

  • Integrate job (project) management and financial accounting
  • Know where you stand financially on each job
  • Make estimates based on accurate data
  • Track revenue and costs by task
  • Allocate work hours and costs by job
  • Enter time and expenses anytime, anywhere on the Web
  • Use multiple billing methods
  • Have time, expenses, materials, and overhead flow directly to invoices without delays
  • Shorten billing cycles and improve cash flow
  • Conveniently analyze job performance
  • Create customizable financial reports on the fly
  • Maximize your profits on each job
  • Easily meet compliance requirements

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