Materials Management Distribution Inventory Software

“Dynamics SL makes my job easier by giving me the information I need to make the right decisions
for my company.”
– Paul Peck, President, Avidex
“Synergy is the friendliest, most accessible, most knowledgeable VAR with which I’ve ever worked.”
– Darren Baker, Business Systems Analyst, Fujimi Corporation

Distribution, Inventory, and Materials Management

distribution_image_smTo serve your customers better and remain efficient, it’s critical you maintain control over every aspect of your materials management, distribution or supply chain processes, from purchasing and maintaining inventory to processing and shipping orders.

Imagine this. What if your employees could enter accurate information once and that information was automatically updated throughout your entire system? Whether it’s orders, inventory costs, barcoded parts, and/or revenue, easy data entry is just one advantage to the Synergy and solution, whether cloud-based or on-premise.

Synergy’s Solution for Distribution, Inventory, and Materials Management

  • Quickly generate purchase orders, receive goods and match invoices to receipts
  • Take control of valuation, warehouse locations, tracking, kit management, and physical inventory balancing
  • Use automated tools for forecasting, order planning, and ideal quantity calculations
  • Do quick order entry, integrated credit management, and streamline pricing, picking, scheduling, and invoicing
  • Key information from the warehouse floor to the software workstation by simply pointing a barcode gun
  • Use flexible tools to manage and track shipments, gain control over production, and much more

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