Materials Management Distribution Inventory Software

“Synergy helped us zero in on a comprehensive solution,
Microsoft Dynamics SL, which tied together financial and project
accounting and materials management.”
– Ryan Penrose, former IT Manager, SafeBoats International

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Materials Management Distribution Inventory Software

mmDeliver on what your customers need, when they need it. Superb customer service begins and ends with your ability to maintain control over every aspect of your materials management distribution inventory processes, from purchasing and maintaining inventory to processing and shipping orders. Distribution capabilities let you configure your distribution cycle to optimize sales and ordering processes and put inventory to the most strategic use – while keeping an eye on cash flow. It all happens with the best materials management and distribution software in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Enter Information Once – Tight integration means that employees enter information once – orders, inventory costs, and revenue are automatically updated throughout your entire system. Data entry errors are virtually eliminated. Ledger accounts and inventory quantities stay in balance. Customer and vendor payments are processed effortlessly.

Rapid Response – Build long-term profitability with lasting relationships with your customers and vendors providing them with the information and services they want. Respond immediately to customer requests with instant access to inventory and order information. Negotiate pricing discounts that increase customer satisfaction, yet conform to your pricing rules. Match customers’ complex shipping requirements for a single order with a few clicks. And with electronic data interchange (EDI) and Web-based access to orders, you’ll be able to work with customers and vendors across disparate systems, regardless of location.

Materials Management Distribution Inventory Software Modules in Dynamics SL

Purchasing – Set Help elevate procurement efficiency with the ability to quickly generate purchase orders, receive goods and match invoices to receipts.

Inventory – Maximize inventory investments by taking control of valuation, warehouse locations, tracking, kit management, and physical inventory balancing.

Inventory Replenishment – implify buying decisions with automated tools for forecasting, order planning, and ideal quantity calculations.

Order Management – Boost customer satisfaction with quick order entry, integrated credit management, and streamline pricing, picking, scheduling, and invoicing.

Order to Purchase – Enhance service and inventory control by automatically generating purchase orders for out-of-stock or non-stock items.

Barcode Gateway – Provides the interface between the warehouse floor and the software workstation so keying in information is as easy as pointing a barcode gun.

Advanced Shipment Management – Harness the flow of shipment data with flexible tools for building and tracking shipments and creating labels and documentation.

Work Order – Efficiently plan material requirements, manage work-in-process, update inventory and facilitate accurate cost accounting.

Bill of Materials – Gain control over production with powerful aids for component definition, costing, routing, and process management.

Landed Cost – Boost insight into operations and results by organizing, summarizing, and presenting data in clear, compelling formats.

E-Commerce Gateway – EDI Edition – Speed the most common ordering, invoicing and shipment-notification transactions with customers, vendors, and remote warehouses.

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