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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Inventory Management – Business Edition

mmCloud-based Dynamics 365 Inventory Management helps you perform basic inventory tasks quicker. These include receiving, selling, and calculating the cost of items. You can also link items with the same or similar features so that if a customer orders an item that is unavailable, you can suggest a substitute item. What’s more, you can post a sales credit memo and have visibility to manage customer refunds.

Primary Advantages & Features

  • Search for inventory items by range of fields
  • Predict future sales and avoid inventory shortage
  • Set up automated reordering based on pre-determined stock levels
  • Offer substitute items quickly and avoid lost sales
  • Create a hierarchy of item categories and assign item attributes to each
  • Reverse and record customer refunds
  • Eliminate recalculations for local currency conversions

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