Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Manufacturing Solutions

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Cloud Version of Dynamics NAV, called Dynamics 365 Business Central, Launched on April 2, 2018!

The cloud version has all the functionality of the on-premise version that is described below.

With manufacturing in Dynamics NAV, you can streamline manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing demands to give customers what they want, when they want it.

Overview | Supply Chain Management | Inventory Management | Warehouse Management

Bills of Material

  • Create multiple versions of Bills of Materials (BOMs) and calculate standard costs
  • Tightly integrate different types of BOMs and customized definitions in manufacturing operations

Cost Budgeting

  • Understand item costs throughout the production process, including inventory, WIP, and cost of goods sold (COGS)

Exceptions Handling

  • Make exceptions and last-minute changes to meet customer needs

Production Orders

  • Create and manage production orders
  • Post consumption and output to the production orders
  • Calculate net requirements based on that production order

Supply Planning

  • Plan material requirements based on demand
  • Automate production orders and purchase orders
  • Support for bucket-less and bucketed material requirements planning (MRP)

Demand Forecasting

  • Manage demand forecasting based on items
  • Input demand (sales) forecasts for products and components daily, monthly, or quarterly

Sales & Inventory Forecasting

  • Gain deep insights about potential sales
  • Get clear overview of expected stock-outs

Capacity Planning

  • Add capacities (work centers) to the manufacturing process
  • Set up routings and use them on production orders and in material requirements planning (MRP)

Finite Loading

  • Manage finite loading of capacity-constraint resources
  • Enable the system to calculate capable-to-promise (CTP)

Machine Centers

  • Add machine centers as capacities to the manufacturing process
  • Plan/manage capacity on detailed level for machine centers and consolidated levels for work centers

Make-to-Order Manufacturing

When your Dynamics NAV system includes Progressus Software (Projects), make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers can perform full project accounting.