Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Launch

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

The speed of business is changing, and it’s not slowing down. With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, people in project-based industries and other businesses get the power to set a new pace and drive real bottom-line impact. Dynamics SL 2015 simplifies the way people work, empowering them to take inspired, decisive action and lead the change that will transform their business.

Dynamics SL 2015 builds on this strong foundation to deliver new levels of customer and partner value through faster, more efficient implementations; compelling application functionality, and unparalleled levels of customer choice on how to deploy and access their solution.

Here is an overview of the new solutions in Dynamics SL 2015:


Dynamics SL continues to expand on the breadth and depth of its project solution. Enhancements for Dynamics SL 2015 focus on the Multi-Currency and Multi-Company areas as well as remote access through Web Apps.


No matter how many times you do something, there is always a way to improve. With the latest release, Dynamics SL continues to use valuable customer feedback to enhance tried and true features to help make processing easier.


To report or not to report is not the question. It’s more about where and when to report and how to share that information. Dynamics SL continues to enhance the reporting experience including creation of refreshable excel and pivot tables as well as making reports available via the web.

Web Apps

Dynamics SL web apps introduced with Dynamics SL 2011, provide a new way to access and enter data into Microsoft Dynamics SL. The roadmap continues with new features being added in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 web apps.