Prove Before You Purchase!

The Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach means we plan your solution, use your real data, and then prove to you that it meets your business needs. You see a working solution—not a theoretical demonstration—before you purchase! It’s the best insurance you can buy. Then, once implemented, your company performs with new efficiency.

PLAN Right from the Start

  • With knowledge of your industry, we plan your implementation from the start.
  • We start with a Needs Assessment to configure the best solution for you.
PROVE It Before You Purchase

  • We create a proof-of-concept system (prototype) with your general ledger, customers, vendors, projects, etc.
  • You confirm the package actually does all the critical functions and processes required before ordering the software.

PURCHASE a Working Solution

  • After we plan and prove, we present a final purchase proposal.
  • Upfront due-diligence, planning, and prototyping gives you a precise road map and reduces your implementation time and cost.
  • The Prototype work is the starting point for implementation, so when things move forward, there is no extra additional cost to you.

PERFORM with Improved Efficiency

  • You are enabled to out perform your previous system.
  • New efficiencies for employees, managers, and executives increases customer satisfaction, profitability, and your competitive edge.

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