The Power of Dashboards and Business Intelligence
Michael Camp, November 18, 2016

All too often, business data is hard to access and use. Without reporting software and dashboards, your ability to make sound business decisions is handicapped. A Synergy solution delivers this business data utilizing Dynamics SL—along with some of the most advanced, modern analytical tools on the market. The result is accurate business intelligence about your …READ MORE →

Top 4 Ways an ERP Software Partner Should Support You
Michael Camp, August 12, 2016

When selecting a new ERP, financial management, and/or project accounting system, software is not the only consideration. It’s also important to choose a proven partner, that can help you with the selection process, a successful implementation and configuration, training, ongoing technical support, connecting you to a vibrant software community, and showing long-term commitment to the …READ MORE →

Why Intacct Cloud ERP is Arguably the Best Solution for Select Industries
Michael Camp, August 11, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics SL, on-premise software that can also be hosted, is an optimum fit for mid-market companies that are heavily project-based, government contractors, and/or make-to-order manufacturers. It’s the best solution for them hands down. But many other small-to-mid-size organizations, such as those in the nonprofit, professional service, software/SaaS, healthcare consulting, or hospitality industries, would benefit more from a genuine, multi-tenant …READ MORE →

How to Add On-Screen Messages to Keep Users Informed
Irene Bushnell, April 29, 2016

One of the really cool features in both Dynamics SL and Intacct is that it is fairly easy to add messages to data entry screens. Visuals are very effective and if you think about it, there are many useful purposes for on-screen messages, such as: Help ensure data entry is more accurate. Give tips about …READ MORE →

3 Tips to Help with Your 1099 Process
Irene Bushnell, January 18, 2016

January has arrived and the busyness of annual tasks begin! Reconciling accounts, filing W-2s, preparing for tax returns, reviewing accounting system processes, and of course the 1099 process. We’ve listed three tips to help ensure your 1099 filing is accurate. After the three tips, we’ve shared how to generate a few reports in SL and …READ MORE →

The Top 3 Reasons for Documenting Accounting Processes
Irene Bushnell, December 1, 2015

The annual board meeting just wrapped up. You know what’s coming. “We need to document our accounting policies,” says a board member. “What if Jane CFO wins the lottery and never comes back? Our company would be a disaster!” Organizations often focus on the wrong reasons to document their accounting processes. The chances of someone …READ MORE →

Bring the FUN back to Accounts Payable with EFT
Irene Bushnell, October 26, 2015

Electronic payments through electronic funds transfers (EFT) are being accepted and required at more and more businesses. The ease and efficiency of sending EFT payments to your vendors is a drastic improvement over printing a check, stuffing it in an envelope, digging through the desk drawer for a stamp, and getting it to the post …READ MORE →

CRIME – How Your Software Can Help Your Internal Control Process
Donna Hurst, August 25, 2015

Your organization’s system of internal control encompasses all of the electronic and manual processes you use to ensure accurate reporting of your financial affairs. Processes like bank reconciliations, manager approval of purchase orders, owner review of vendor payables, supervisor approval of time cards, etc. Having processes that ensure good internal controls significantly decreases the chance …READ MORE →

Creating Your Secret Sauce for Excellent Customer Relations
Rob Lloyd, August 11, 2015

Like most businesses, yours probably strives to have customers for life. To learn how to achieve that goal, you could read numerous books or go online and find thousands of articles on improving customer relations. You could even hire a consulting firm to come in and show you how to retain customers for the long …READ MORE →

Thinking Outside the Box to Find a Solution
Irene Bushnell, June 24, 2015

I came across a story the other day that reminded me how thinking outside of the box improves the chances of finding the best solution to a problem. The Garden An older gentleman lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was difficult work, as the ground was …READ MORE →