How Role Centers in Business Central Help You Access Key Features
Michael Camp, April 17, 2019

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s new modern cloud-based ERP system, is a role-based solution that makes it easy for you the user, whatever your role, to access the data and features you require to do your job. Whether your role is an accountant, project manager, sales manager, business manager, operations manager, or executive, you can …READ MORE →

21 Steps to Successfully Select & Implement an ERP/Accounting System
Michael Camp, March 14, 2019

If 2019 is your year to replace your accounting/ERP system, then following these 21 steps will help. The steps are divided into the five major stages to go through: Devise, Define, Develop, Deploy, and Differentiate. Download this Factsheet and you’ll learn: The definition of each of the five stages and the steps within them that …READ MORE →

The Benefits of the Intelligent Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics SL
Michael Camp, January 30, 2019

Learn how to take your financial data in Dynamics SL and put it into Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP, Dynamics 365 Business Central! Why? To have read-only data on a user-friendly, web-based interface so anyone in your company (or customers) can have mobile access to that data anywhere and on any device. More robust than Web Apps, …READ MORE →

The Definitive Guide to Microsoft Cloud ERP and Its Powerful Tools
Michael Camp,

Microsoft’s new cloud ERP, Dynamics 365 Business Central (based on Dynamics NAV), is not a stand-alone ERP and accounting system. Being a part of the Dynamics 365 family, it is highly integrated with the Microsoft software you already use, i.e., Office 365 (Outlook, Excel, Word, Sharepoint). For example, is how you can view Business Central …READ MORE →

Business Guide for Replacing Accounting Software
Michael Camp, January 14, 2019

Is 2019 the year to replace your accounting system? Do you need real ERP software to finally eliminate data silos, inefficiency, and manual processes? Download this guide to learn the following: Signs your basic accounting software or legacy systems are putting your business at risk. The characteristics of a modern technology business platform. Your options/advantages …READ MORE →

ProjectPro – The Answer for Construction Firms That Value Microsoft Technologies
Michael Camp, January 9, 2019

What is ProjectPro? A powerful extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central for project management and construction accounting. What industries is it for? Designed for construction companies and manufacturers that also do installation/construction. What does it deliver? The ProjectPro solution integrates all of your critical project accounting, job quoting, project management, labor and equipment resource management, …READ MORE →

Overview of Progressus PSA and Project Accounting
Michael Camp, December 11, 2018

Progressus Professional Services Automation (PSA) is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that adds functionality for professional services organizations for project budgeting, project cost tracking, project time and expense, revenue recognition, resource management, and project analytics and reporting. This demo shows you how Progressus handles each of these tasks and includes a look …READ MORE →

How D365 Business Central’s Built-In Intelligence Helps You Manage Inventory
Michael Camp, November 6, 2018

Inventory management is a trade off between customer service and managing your cost. On one hand, a low inventory requires less working capital. On the other hand, stock outs potentially lead to missed sales. See how the Microsoft “Cortana” intelligence, built in to Dynamics 365 Business Central, helps you manage inventory and forecast what you’ll …READ MORE →

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Outlook Integration!
Michael Camp, October 11, 2018

In this mini demo, you’ll see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates with Outlook and streamlines the Quote-to-Cash process. There are now two flavors of Dynamics 365 Business Central, a true, multi-tenant Cloud version and an on-premise version. Both solutions are based on the Dynamics NAV product that has been renamed “Dynamics 365 Business …READ MORE →