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“The financial and project integration has helped us increase productivity, efficiency, and output.”
– Ryan Penrose, former IT Manager,
SAFE Boats International
“Dynamics SL is the finest
project-accounting [job costing]
system on the market.”
– John Wheeler, former Controller,
Alpha Development

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Project Accounting Software – Microsoft Dynamics SL

pmaDynamics SL’s Project Accounting software (cost accounting or job costing) is in the Project Management and Accounting (PMA) series of modules (Dynamics SL has financial and other modules as well). It is designed to meet the specific business management needs of project-based organizations. Ideal for small and mid-size companies who need to integrate with other systems, Microsoft PMA helps automate everyday processes and improve business operations, making your organization more efficient, productive, and profitable.

PMA includes ten modules that handle your entire life cycle of projects and jobs from setting them up to managing finances, budgeting, billing, cash flow, human resources, analytics, reporting, and more.

Project Accounting Software: Project Management and Accounting (PMA) Modules

Project Controller – The foundation of this project accounting software solution. Quickly set up projects to fit your business, and then manage them effectively with timely, detailed revenue and cost information.

Project Allocator – Efficiently manage project finances with customized rate structures, automatic allocation of charges and revenues, work-in-process tracking, and accurate project data for billing and posting.

Time and Expense for Projects – Streamline labor reporting with time cards and expense reports that can be accessed anywhere, anytime over the web.

Flexible Billings – Improve cash flow by automating invoicing processes and converting unbilled receivables more quickly to revenues. Use industry-standard invoices to submit billings to industry agencies.

Analyzer – Enhance decision making with the ability to conveniently summarize, analyze, present, or compare project performance and profitability data.

Communicator – Keep projects on track with automated notification for deadlines, approvals, escalating costs, or other messages you choose.

Contract Management – Ensure timely and profitable project completion with features that help you track documents, handle change orders, manage subcontractor performance, and link payments to successful delivery.

Project Budgeting – Gain control of profitability with powerful tools to create budgets, track results, and preview the impact of changes.

Employee Utilization – Improve human resource productivity by tracking availability and billable time, setting utilization goals, and managing performance against them.

Project Self-Service Suite – Empower your employees to manage their own critical tasks – like time-and-expense reporting and approvals – by extending this functionality to each user with an internet browser.

Forecaster – Meet business objectives and gain competitive advantage with budgeting and planning capabilities that allow you to quickly and effectively respond to changing business needs.

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