8 Reasons to Partner with Synergy

software-new-2 Synergy has eight distinctives that set us apart from other partners. Learn how our delivery of strategic value, industry and accounting expertise, a working prototype, time savings, remote access, and software partnerships will meet your needs.

See a graphic depiction of our expertise in the Synergy Infographic.

1 – Synergy is Committed to Providing You the 4 Pillars of Support

We are readily available to serve our clients through (1) technical support, (2) a deep consulting bench, (3) involvement in a software community, and (4) commitment to the product.

2 – Synergy Creates a Solution to Deliver Strategic Value to Your Organization

Most new systems deliver new functionality, eliminate duplicate data entry, and improve efficiency. But beyond these, we bring strategic business value to your organization. With Synergy, it’s achievable for a new system to significantly reduce costs and boost productivity, employee morale and empowerment, customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, revenue, and/or market share.

3 – Synergy Has Focused Expertise in Select Industries

Synergy has expertise in project-accounting, government contracting, financial management, and distribution. With both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, we implement and support Microsoft Dynamics SL, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, and third-party solutions to create an integrated system that fits the specific needs of project-driven and other industries:

4 – Synergy Develops a Working Prototype Before You Purchase

Over budget, off schedule, and lacking the complete functionality you thought you were buying in a project accounting system? That’s why Synergy creates a prototype, with your data, before you purchase. The fact is that Synergy has never had a failed implementation. That’s a testament to the process. We call it our Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach.


5 – Synergy Reduces Your Implementation Time and Cost

Because of the upfront due-diligence, planning, prototyping, and experience Synergy will have developed a precise road map to a successful project-accounting implementation. This provides you and Synergy with a clear understanding and direction of the tasks and requirements necessary for the most cost-efficient implementation.

6 – Synergy Understands Accounting Principles and Processes

The backgrounds of Synergy’s key staff include CPAs, CMAs, auditors, VPs of finance, controllers, and multiple project-based accounting and operations positions. This depth of management and operations knowledge, coupled with software-implementation expertise, results in the application of a best-practices approach to get the best possible solution for your organization.

7 – Synergy Gives You Access to Your Project Through MS Project Web Access

Synergy gives you insight, visibility, and control of your implementation project via Internet Explorer and MS Project Web Access, so you can co-manage it with Synergy’s project manager.

8 – Synergy is a Microsoft Gold Enterprise Partner

Synergy is recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Enterprise Partner. This top distinction mean Synergy has reached the highest level of implementation expertise and knowledge of solutions in the marketplace. Most Synergy consultants have their Masters Certification in every aspect of Dynamics SL project and financial accounting.

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