Project budgeting forecasting software

“[The solution] …engenders organization-wide visibility and accountability for project staffing, scheduling, and budgeting.”
– John Bartelink, former IT Director,
CollinsWoerman Architects
“Dynamics SL is the finest
project-accounting [job costing]
system on the market.”
– John Wheeler,
former Controller,
Alpha Development

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Project Budgeting and Forecasting Software

pmaYour projects and jobs become easier when you have powerful budgeting tools in project budgeting forecasting software. You can track your budgeting process from creation to closure and see the impact of budget changes on your profit margins.

In Microsoft Dynamics SL’s project budgeting forecasting software, you easily create new budgets from estimates, import or export data from Excel, manage changes, and review and approve budgets and revisions online.

At the close of your projects, compare budgets to actuals and enhance your bidding expertise to ensure improved future bids. Budgeting and forecasting is no longer a chore:

Dynamics SL’s Project Budgeting and Forecasting Software

  • Build new budgets using prior budgets or actual amounts as a starting point
  • Create new budgets from estimates through integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Apply multipliers to scale the budget and modify it to fit the new project
  • See effects of revisions on project profit before approving them
  • Know how changes affect estimate-at-completion and forecast-at-completion
  • See bottom-line impact with no surprises
  • Tie budget revisions to change orders to easily manage your project/cost accounting
  • Get an independent audit trail of all revisions and change orders
  • Reduce errors through software integration that allows single-point data entry
  • Improve office productivity with powerful tools, templates, and system integration in project budgeting forecasting software

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