Project Reporting Software

“I get my reports in half the time with half the staff.”
– Alton Cherry, President,
Hydro Resources
“We now produce status reports in days rather than weeks.”
– Kevin Sullivan, VP / Controller,

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Project Reporting Software – Microsoft Dynamics SL

reportingYour decisions become easier when you have painless real-time access to your financial data and can create customizable financial reports on the fly using Dynamics SL’s project reporting software module. Plus your team can view budgets, reports, and analyses anytime-anywhere on the Web.

The project reporting software solution we configure for you, whether via a cloud-based or on-premise delivery, provides powerful forecasting, budgeting, and analytical tools that facilitate the distribution of accurate financial information throughout your organization. You will gain these advantages:

Synergy’s Project Reporting Software with Dynamics SL

  • Access accurate up-to-date data
  • Easily create budgets and track results
  • Customize reports with precise information
  • Transform Excel into the ideal environment for reporting and budgeting
  • View reports from anywhere on the Web and easily collaborate
  • Accurate business intelligence and insight
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • When hosted, save on IT costs

Synergy’s reporting solutions have Project Reporting Software modules and/or other budgeting, reporting, and analytical tools to serve your needs.

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