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“The financial and project integration has helped us increase productivity, efficiency, and output.”
– Ryan Penrose, former IT Manager,
SAFE Boats International
“Dynamics SL is the finest
project-accounting [job costing]
system on the market.”
– John Wheeler, former Controller,
Alpha Development

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Projects Made Easier – Microsoft Dynamics SL/365

pmaYour projects become easier when your project management integrates with your accounting. Synergy’s project accounting software solution, whether cloud-based or on-premise, connects your entire system, including financial management, web-based portals, materials management, and software you already use—Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint—if necessary. When cloud-based, it eliminates the need for you to support your own software, hardware, backups, etc.

Financial risks can be high as you manage projects, budgets, timelines, staffing, fluctuating cash flow, and the communication process. The Synergy solution can seamlessly tie all of these areas together so you can focus on your next big project.

Easier through Our Project Expertise and the Best Software

  • Integrate project management and financial accounting
  • Easily view where you stand financially on each project
  • Track revenue and costs by task
  • Allocate work hours and costs by project
  • Make more accurate estimates based on past data
  • Employees enter time and expense on a web-based portal
  • Set up multiple billing methods
  • Have time, expenses, materials, and overhead flow directly to invoices
  • A shortened billing cycle improves your cash flow
  • Analyze project performance with ease
  • Increase profitability on each project
  • Easily meet government compliance requirements
  • When hosted or web-based, save on IT resources

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