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“We expect at least a five figure reduction in audit expenses next year due to Intacct’s revenue recognition capabilities…”
– Chief Information Officer,
Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres)
“It would take me sometimes two
or three days to do revenue recognition, when now it takes me less than ten minutes.”
– Hanne Dietrich, Revenue Manager, Vovici Corporation

Software / SaaS – Revenue Recognition Accounting Software

software-new-2If you are a SaaS company, you have complex revenue recognition rules and difficulty forecasting revenue and renewal. You have a need for superior revenue recognition accounting software . If you do software/IT consulting or outsourcing, you may have a highly-variable cash flow and a need for robust project accounting software.

Synergy’s Intacct solution for Software, IT, and SaaS organizations streamlines your processes and helps you to alleviate these challenges.

Synergy’s Cloud-based Revenue Management / Revenue Recognition Accounting Software for SaaS, IT, and Software Companies

  • Automate revenue recognition and billing for products, subscriptions, software maintenance, and professional services
  • Easily comply with revenue recognition guidelines (SOP 97-2, 98-9, 81-1, and EITF 00-21, 08-01, 09-03) with a robust revenue recognition accounting software solution.
  • Reduce revenue leakage and improve pipeline visibility with automatic renewal management
  • Streamline time and expense entry for professional services and maximize billable hours
  • Gain real-time visibility into project costs, revenue, and profit margins
  • Accelerate financial close processes regardless of the number of business entities and number of currencies
  • Make better decisions based on access to real-time financial information, including revenue, deferred revenue, and renewals
  • Integrate financial management and accounting with Microsoft CRM or SalesForce CRM and improve business development
  • Choose which software is right for your company, either a hosted or on-premise ERP system or a Cloud-based system
  • Prove a solution works and performs the crucial tasks you need before you purchase software or subcribe for service

Improved Revenue Management:

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