Serving Business Through Technology

software-new-2 Synergy provides a total service solution. Our services portfolio is structured to help meet the various demands of your particular business. In addition, we understand the complexity and stress of selecting a new system, so reducing your anxiety and risk is an important part of our methodology.

Our Services

1 – Needs Analysis

Understanding the true needs of a business is the first step in a successful implementation. Meeting with management and staff is invaluable to our understating of your requirements. A detailed requirements analysis will be conducted prior to the start of the implementation. Also, at this time your workflow will be defined and we will discuss the implementation approach to be taken. During this phase we conduct onsite reviews of your existing hardware, operating systems, and network.

2 – Prototyping

The next step to Synergy’s risk-reduction approach is to see the software configured to the way you do business, utilizing your customers, vendors, accounts, projects, and other applicable data before you buy the software. Performing the needs analysis and project planning BEFORE purchasing any software allows us to take the final step of seeing the software configured and working for your business before you buy it. Synergy calls this the Plan>Prove>Purchase approach as opposed to the traditional demonstration of some fictitious demo company data, at which point you are then urged to buy.

Other software vendors may claim to prototype systems, but often it’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors of screen shots with “bubble” explanations and a controlled PowerPoint presentation.

3 – Project Planning

Key to any successful implementation of a new software system is the upfront analysis and project planning to chart a course from beginning to end. The project plan provides the road map of how we will. together. get from A to Z with the building blocks and milestones identified along the way. A defined project plan is a key component to the avoiding the pot holes and risks and to ensure the project will be on time and on budget.

4 – Documentation

An important, but often overlooked aspect of a successful implementation, is the proper documentation of organizational and system procedures as to how data is to be entered and processed through the system. Synergy strongly recommends that the project plan allow for proper documentation of your financial and business system.

5 – Implementation

Our implementation service entails the following:

  • Installation – Installing new financial and business software is a major undertaking. There are many variables to take into consideration and several choices concerning operating system environments, hardware components, Internet/Intranet, and databases. Our consultants are skilled in deploying Dynamics SL in various system environments, insuring a stable and cost effective installation without interruption to your core business. The key issue is to understand is how quickly and efficiently your new financial and business system can be installed, while minimizing the possibly of errors. Our consultants will take you through the installation process, and will clearly define the resources and time commitment necessary to successfully install your new system.
  • Configuration – Each module is setup and configured to your business process as defined in the Project Planning Phase. Master files are created, either with client assistance or data import.
  • Integration – Many of our clients require that their financial and business system integrate with other software applications within their current business process framework. The advantage of Microsoft SQL Server-based and object-oriented architecture, combined with its Component Object Model, is the ability to utilize industry standard application development tools to seamlessly integrate external systems. This approach will eliminate double entry and reduce the opportunity for human error, as well as provide information in a timelier manner.
  • Data Conversion – When deciding to implement a new financial and business system, some companies want to be able to convert their current data in to their new system. In most cases, we have the in-house expertise to convert your current data to the format required by Microsoft. From master file conversion to detail transaction conversion; our certified consultants have database management experience to ensure a successful conversion.

6 – Training

Our certified and experienced professional consultants will provide the necessary know how to instruct you in how to properly use the software in your day-to-day operations. Synergy offers regularly scheduled classes, custom classes created specifically for your team, or one-on-one training at your facility.

7 – Project Management

The success to every project is management. Synergy will work with your key management and operations staff to ensure that your project is on schedule and that all aspects of your implementation are completed. In addition to consistent communication and expert implementation, we offer our clients visibility into their implementation schedule like no one else. Utilizing Microsoft’s Project 2003 collaboration capabilities at, our clients have real-time access to their project tasks, issues, risks, documents, and status reports to jointly manage their project and ensure milestones are achieved on time and on budget.

8 – Customization

If your organization has a unique business requirement, then you will benefit from Dynamics SL’s SQL Server database and object-oriented architecture. Dynamics SL was developed using Visual Basic and, therefore, we can use any industry standard application development tool(s) such as Visual Basic, Access, Visual Studio, C++, C#, ASP.NET, and the Dynamics SL Object Model, to customize your financial and business management system to meet your special needs today and into the future.

9 – Reporting

Our consultants have experience in developing custom reports based on your business reporting requirements. Using industry standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, FRx, and BIO. Dynamics SL offers hundreds of standard reports which can be modified or customized from the ground up.

10 – Deployment / Going Live

Each time you are ready to go live with a particular phase of your software, Synergy will have staff deployed on-site as necessary, to make sure the transition is smooth, and that all of the users are comfortable using the new system. This is not the end of the story, rather the beginning of a trusted partner relationship to help keep your business operating efficiently utilizing technology to give you that competitive edge.

11 – Ongoing Support

Following deployment, Synergy will conduct a closing conference with you and your management team. Here we will jointly review the success of the project, any outstanding issues and any additional requests to make sure you are pleased and have received value with the investment that you’ve made. It’s our goal to have earned the title of a trusted business partner and to be able to have you as a referenceable client and earn a Statement of Satisfaction.

As your business continues to grow and evolve, there will inevitably be the time when you require additional assistance whether it’s training new employees, answering those 1-off issues, correcting any system or user error, upgrading to the latest version, developing a new report, or just acting as the trusted partner you can turn to with any questions about applying technology to your business. Chances are we can always be of assistance or know who to refer you to for assistance. Synergy offers a variety of on-going support plans to help keep you running at peak proficiency.