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9 Services Your Cloud-based Accounting Software Vendor Should Guarantee in Your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Intacct’s Buy with Confidence Commitment is the Strongest SLA in the Industry

Accounting software vendors typically don’t offer guarantees. Synergy and Intacct‘s Cloud-based financial management and accounting (including project accounting) are different. Because our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means we earn our clients’ business every month, through Intacct, Synergy offers the industry’s strongest and most comprehensive service guarantee.

Intacct Buy with Confidence

  1. Outstanding Availability – Intacct has a 99.8 percent system availability commitment and usually achieves 99.97 percent. For each percentage point below the target, they offer a 10 percent credit up to 50 percent.
  2. Disaster Recovery – Intacct’s Tier 1 data center is backed up by a global leader in disaster recovery. In the unlikely event that disaster strikes, your applications will be available within 24 hours while no more of two hours of data will be lost.
  3. Immediate Notification – We promise prompt notification for changes to system availability and delays in new product features.
  4. Rapid Response – We guarantee customer support acknowledgement within four hours and resolution or update within 24 hours.
  5. Product Quality – Intacct guarantees the product operates as documented and a clear explanation of a reported issue and when to expect resolution.
  6. Professional Service Quality – We ensure 10 percent fee reduction on late or over-budget services no questions asked.
  7. Communication Excellence – Intacct promises regular communication on product release roadmap, new features, scheduled maintenance, etc.
  8. You Own Your Data – If you decide to leave, Intacct helps you get your data out of their system and can preserve it on their system until you’re ready to migrate it.
  9. Employee Commitment – Intacct compensates employees on satisfaction and success of customers.

A Better Way to Run Your Business – At Synergy and Intacct, we have a commitment to deliver superior financial applications and project accounting, real-time data visibility, an on-demand platform, easy administration and configuration, the highest rate of customer satisfaction, and the lowest total cost of ownership.