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3 Things You Can Do to Help Maintain a Positive Attitude

By Frank Strauhal, Principal and Director of Support, Synergy Business Solutions

I was recently asked to write down some thoughts on how I maintain such a positive attitude. What helps me day in and day out to stay cheerful? How do I keep coming up with encouraging words for my clients and my colleagues?

I immediately thought of Pollyanna! If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. I really don’t see myself as a “think good thoughts” kind of person but the more I thought of it, she actually did have some very good points and I learned from those. Many people will discount such views as naïve and immature in the business environment. How could looking at situations in such simple terms ever be considered valid and appropriate in the work place? READ MORE >>

3 Tips to Help with Your 1099 Process

By Irene Bushnell, Intacct Practice Manager, Synergy Business Solutions

January has arrived and the busyness of annual tasks begin! Reconciling accounts, filing W-2s, preparing for tax returns, reviewing accounting system processes, and of course the 1099 process. We’ve listed three tips to help ensure your 1099 filing is accurate. After the three tips, we’ve shared how to generate a few reports in SL and Intacct that might help with the 1099 review process.

Tip #1 - Take the time to review 1099 reports. Don’t let lack of time take away from the important task of taking the time to review reports. Reviewing reports helps you spot items that might be inaccurate. It takes far more time to file amended 1099s than to ensure they are right in the first place. In some instances, companies can get fined by State and Local agencies for not issuing 1099s, or for issuing them with the wrong amount. A few extra minutes on the front end is well worth the effort. [Choose full article below].


Some of you have probably already spoken to Margo Damé on a technical support call. Margo has been with Synergy for more than eight years as one of our Senior Technical Support Consultants. She especially enjoys helping clients with reconciliations, streamlining business processes, and training new client staff.

Prior to Synergy and her years experience as a software consultant, Margo has held some interesting jobs. She worked as an Auto Repossession Manager, a 911 Dispatcher for Eastern Oregon and Washington, and once was a video Store Manager.

Margo loves blues music, tending her large vegetable garden, canning the produce, and spending as much time as she can with her grandchildren.

Affordable Care Act Reporting
If you have more than 50 FT employees, you are obligated to file ACA Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

SL Lifecycle Information
Microsoft's support policy means that SL 2011 (no service pack) and SL 2011 SP1 are both now unsupported. SL 2011 SP2 and SP3 are supported until July of 2016. If you haven't planned for an upgrade to SL 2015, contact us to discuss the process.

Your Changing Business
As your business grows and changes, your ERP system may need modifcation. If you feel confined in SL, it's likely there are new functionality and setup changes we can help with to improve your efficiency and capability. It's less painful to upgrade than to replace your system! We welcome the opportunity to help you improve.

Get Your Web Apps!
There are now web applications for every major function that existed in Business Portal – timecards, expense reporting, project maintenance, item requests, and others: resource planning, Quick Query, inventory inquiry and report generation! They can be used on any browser and also work on tablets and smart phones!


Affordable Care Act Reporting
If you have more than 50 FT employees, you are obligated to file ACA Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

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