SL 2015 New Updates Available:
CU2, Web Apps, & Payroll Tax

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Dynamics SL 2015 CU2 Rich Client Release:

This includes all rich client hot fixes that have been created since the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1 release. The CU2 release will install over a customer’s current SL 2015 installation (SL 2015 or SL 2015 CU1). BONUS CONTENT: Included in this release is a Power BI Dashboard that will provide pertinent information on projects, e.g. a dashboard on labor, expense, and margins. One is entitiled Project Performance Month-to-Date.

Web Apps Update - December 2016

Contains many hot fixes, some improvements to existing application, and a few brand new apps. See summary of changes and enhancements here:
Dynamics SL Web Apps - December 2016

Payroll Tax Update:

There is a brand new payroll tax update for Colorado, North Dakota and Oregon. This can be downloaded from Customersource. If you have questions or need assistance, please email

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics SL,
and Your Business

In case you missed the letter we sent in December to our SL clients about Synergy taking on Microsoft Dynamics 365, here is a the content:

Dynamics 365 and Dynamics SL

How to Automate the Distribution of Dynamics SL Forms and Reports

By Donna Hurst, Senior Consultant, Synergy Business Solutions

Synergy is very excited to showcase the Liaison Messenger EDD software in this edition of Accounting Insight. Messenger EDD is a unique Electronic Document Delivery product that will automate your forms and reports distribution. Before you skip to the next article in this newsletter, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I currently have to print DSL items (Draft Invoices, Final Invoices, Purchase Orders, Statements) to a PDF and then manually email them to others?
  • Do I have to print things to PDF and then group them with other documents before they can be sent out?
  • Do I have to print and send out multiple copies of the same document?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to see the Messenger EDD product at work!

Learn more on how to make life easier with Messenger EDD.

***************************** FREE WEBINAR *******************************
Document Distribution Automation with Messenger EDD

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 10:00 AM. REGISTER NOW!

From the Boise, Idaho Office

Aaron Sundstrom has been a Project Manager for Synergy since February 2016. Aaron works on a lot of Dynamics SL upgrades for our clients, ensuring each project runs smoothly. He especially enjoys working with clients to find ways to solve issues they have.

Aaron is an avid outdoorsman. Outside work he can be found cycling the Boise foothills, hiking, skiing, backpacking in the Sawtooths, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and trekking through Europe. To unwind he plays the piano and is even known for singing on ocassion.

A memorable travel experience: In Rome when walking inside the Colosseum, most of the tour guides looked incredibly bored, as did the tourists whom they were showing around. Our tour guide, however, apparently unaware that her microphone was on, would sing as she walked, occasionally doing a little dance. She told us, “Sometimes I think my singing annoys the other Guides. But I don’t care. When I work, I like to have fun.” This was a lesson that taught me no matter what job you are doing, you can always have fun. People can tell, and it shows in your work.

We sponsor free third-party solution webinars from time to time. Next one is Messenger EDD (see article above). February 15, 2017 | REGISTER

Cost: $75 to $125. Our 2017 SL module overview training webinar schedule is being developed. We've already had GL and AP. Coming soon: AR, a second AP, Quick Query, and Inventory!

Cost: Up to $695. These are full-day or half-day online in-depth training sessions on modules. LImited to six attendees. Coming soon: Another Customization Manager, Management Reporter, and Project Allocator.

Our regional user groups are planned for March through June 2017 in Seattle, Portland, Detroit and San Francisco. Watch for your invitation.

NATIONAL SL USER GROUP CONFERENCE. It's not too early to Save the Dates for the Dynamics SL User Group Conference (DSLUG) in the Fall!
September 12-15, Tampa, FL.


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